The gates of hell, all cause of betrayal
Y'all took my brother from me, it's war time
Y'all dying, cause the ? is mine"

Darkside Ballaz: Sko
I'm feeling neglected, disrespected niggas don't appreciate my effort
That I, put forward, so I'm bringing forth war
Make em respect me, who the fuck wanna catch me when I'm speed
Looking at niggas hit the ground and bleed, who the fuck leave
Nigga, eat, sleep, now my heart's full of grief
Y'all put us six feet, you bitches killed the chief
He said, you don't know who did it bitch, you lying through your teeth
You said you running with it bitch, he got killed on the D
Get em all, till them all fall, kill em all, for betraying me
Get em all, till them all fall, kill em all, for betraying me
Get em all, till them all fall, kill em all, for betraying me
Darkside love, eternally, now my thoughts of insanity
My heart beat, dirt concrete, I couldn't see
Couldn't, couldn't sleep, couldn't breathe my soul on me
Fell to my knees and ask the lord to breathe
Through my brother's lungs when I heard he got pumped with them slugs

Chorus: Oobie
Somebody got to die
Now I don't wanna take his life
But when I see my homie died
I knew somebody had to pay the price
It hurts to see mama cry
But I got to make a sacrifice, yeah yeah
See two wrongs don't make it right
So forgive me this night, somebody got to die

Darkside Ballaz: Lo
Should not of even took the dime out the bottle
Still Lord, over there on Wallow
Them niggas came with big shit
And took my cousin life real quick
They ain't give a fuck, them niggas had they pistols buck
I heard when Lyn hit the ground they kept on hitting him up
The only thing on his mind was trying to get away
Hoping the law had something good or score for him that day
But since he didn't, I guess it was time for him to leave this world
He always said he wanted to die while he was breathing yeah
We had our mind on shooting that video that early morn
Now not before we got the chance that living be gone
We don't need to know who hit you and took your life away
But one day we gone get them niggas and make sure life be straight
Everyday I think about you, and I just cry, picture you face
In the clouds, cause down here it ain't that same without you
You was the realest nigga, I know you feel this nigga
And it turned your brother to a killa they hurt my feelings nigga
And when we go and get em, I do the honors
Cause they done heard my eighteen ladies, Sky, Tre and Ladona
We wasn't ever the type to take nobody life, but they
Took yours, so now they got to die, Lord he didn't deserve it


Todd Nitty
Man, thangs ain't the same since I lost my sense
Now I'm on some, kill em all, fuck em all, straight murder and shit
Drinking, fifths and hennessy to ease the pain
I can't maintain, sometimes I think I'm going insane
As I, look into my mama eyes, and all she tell me
Is, why oh why did her baby have to die
So I'm, bout to slip that clip in, cause I'm all about revenge
And catch you slipping and do his monkey ass in
Nigga what the fuck you thought, I wasn't gone break you off
Make somebody to get you touched, nigga you got your life fucked up
Big Den and DJ, my motherfucking homies
I ride for you rollies cause I know y'all do it for me
I'm, bout to dump, let me put my mask on
Blast, his hoe ass and get my dash on
And not, bout to let it ride
Nigga fuck your life, you got to die, bitch

Chorus"> Kingin Jerusalem! I remained in the Spirit for the next three hours, until we flew out to return home (Albany and Salem, Oregon, USA). I delight in the sweetness and purity of your spirit, as you lead us into worship. Anointed. http://rossitec.info/european-musica-folk/mp3-42738-somebody-got-to-die.html?950
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